Thursday, July 12, 2012

Magellan: Scout Ship Concept Design

Lately I've been working on concept design for an upcoming, exciting sci-fi TV series entitled Magellan by Duane Brunner along with Leigh James and Paul Bradley.  

Here are some of my scout ship designs for the series along with stunning CG renderings of my design by Leon Maki Maki Kitchlew.  

Special thanks to Duane Brunner,  Leigh James, Leon Maki Maki Kitchlew, and everyone involved in this exciting project.  

I'll post more concept designs of ships and aliens from this project soon.  

Magellan will go live on Kickstarter n August 9.

This series takes place at some point in the future.  Humans and locis coexist peacefully on Earth (Homo loci evolved from Homo sapiens).  The locis are dying of an unknown disease and a cure has not yet been found.  Peace has been established on Earth but this is not a utopia.  Real threats and dangers exist throughout the galaxy.  Magellan, the most advanced starship in Earth's fleet, manned by humans and locis, represent Earth in a federacy of friendly planets in the Alpha and Beta quadrants.  
Their orders: Keep the peace, help those in need, find a cure for the locis, and explore the vastness of space..... 

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