Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gods Of Angkor
I'm posting a day early this week. I'll be busy with my latest exhibit at M2 Gallery. I hope you all can make it out.

I came across this Cambodian bronze sculpture from the 13th century at the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington DC. It was on loan from the National Museum of Cambodia. The pattern to the left and just behind the sculpture was taken from a window in Charleston, SC.

This is one of my many new paintings now available at M2 Gallery. For more information, please call (501)225-6257.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

DomestiCATed: Paths Once Crossed
I recently illustrated a new cover for my graphic novel DomestiCATed: Paths Once Crossed. I also added and slightly enhanced some pages originally omitted from the original print run. I will post when the revised edition of this book is available.

DomestiCATed is made up of three dark short stories that follow a black cat as it ventures into the nefarious underbelly of human existence.

Friday, August 20, 2010

M2 Gallery Exhibition Reminder
Just a reminder. I'll be exhibiting new work at M2 Gallery from September 1 - October 4 with the reception on Thursday, September 2 from 6-10. For more information please call 501-225-6271.

This is one of the new pieces that will be featured in the M2 Gallery exhibition. The butterflies in this acrylic image were painted from sketchbook drawings and negative and positive photos I shot at the University of Arkansas’s entomology department. A friend of mine owned the old 1930’s wheel chair that I painted from a negative.

Friday, August 13, 2010

ellis-nicholson gallery
I'm now represented by Ellis-Nicholson Gallery in Charleston, SC. They represent contemporary art by national and international renowned artists. The gallery is located in historic downtown Charleston at 11/2 Broad Street. Many thanks to Jeannette Nicholson and Victoria Ellis.

For more information, please visit

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Small Works Available

I have now small works available at Rose Gallery. Here are a couple of examples and descriptions of the works. For more information contact 417-782-7177.

Villa Pamphilli
This piece was completed in 2005 while studying in Rome. The lower half of this image was rendered while exploring the Villa Doria Pamphili, which is a seventeenth century villa located in the quarter of Monteverde in Rome, Italy. Today Villa Pamphilli is the largest landscaped public park in Rome. The upper half is a depiction of Caravaggio’s 1602-03 painting entitled The Entombment of Christ. I drew this while visiting the Pinacoteca Vaticana in Vatican City. Notes from my travels can be seen scribed across the image as well.

This piece depicts Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore of Florence, Italy in pen and ink. The basilica is one of Italy's largest churches. Its brick dome remains the largest ever constructed. The ink drawing is layered over a Prismacolor rendering of a statue found in a nearby cemetery. Drawings of byzantine religious icons can be seen faded back in the bottom right corner. The partial skeletal study on the far was created using a solvent transfer process.

Friday, August 6, 2010

M2 Gallery Exhibition Rescheduled

The dates for my exhibition at M2 Gallery has changed.
The exhibit will run from September1 - October 4 and the Reception will be on Thursday, September 2 from 6-10. For more information please call 501-225-6271.

Here are a couple of pieces that will be featured in this exhibit entitled Reverie and Passages. Both pieces were inspired by trips throughout Europe.

The piece Reverie contains a melding of neo-classical architectural elements. In the upper left corner of the image is the dome of the majestic Chiesa Della Gran Madre di Dio of Rome, Italy crowned by a cupola. The dome of this church is flanked by two bell-towers although only one is visible in this composition. The baby was seen on a billboard in Rome near the Spanish Steps. The bottom half depicts a woman I saw seated at a pew in a cathedral in Rome. The upper right image was from my travels on the Mediterranean Sea in Nice, France.

The work Passages contains a statue at the right rendered in Prismacolor and acrylic and is one of the many cemetery statues I’ve drawn while traveling in Europe. The image of the structure in the center is a solvent transfer rendering of the Vatican’s St. Peters Basilica. The figures to the right of the basilica are statues found along the northern transepts of Chartres Cathedral in France. The lion to the right of the statues is actually rendered from a photo I shot about 20 years earlier of a lion sculpture found near the fine arts building on the campus of MSSU in Joplin, MO. Just beneath the lion is another solvent transfer of St. Peters Basilica in Vatican City.