Friday, January 22, 2010

Student Exhibit

Just thought I’d showcase some of my last semester, Intro to Studio Art students’ work from the December, student art exhibit which hung in the art department halls at NWACC. Many of my basic studio art students had little art training prior to this class. They worked really hard and ended up with some impressive results.

Light and Shadow Pattern Objective: To learn to render full value and perceive light and shadow with close up of found object. The overall design of the finished product is the most important aspect of this project. The end result may be so close up that it hardly resembles the object you are rendering, but rather, a strange landscape or abstract geometric or organic form.

Rhythm Objective: To create a sense of rhythmic variation and to explore visual emphasis.

Rectilinear and Curved Shape Composition Objective: To Investigate composition using design principles of repetition, similarity, variation, balance, and harmony, using the whole picture-plane and creating figure-ground interrelationships with rectilinear shapes.

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