Thursday, January 17, 2013

Spherical Alien Design

Been sick all week with the cold/flu ugghhh....  I'm gonna keep this blog entry short.  

Meant to post this a while back.  Thought I'd showcase a tiny bit of my spherical, red, rolling alien designs and collaborative efforts with CG artist extraordinaire Johan Steen (bottom two panels are Johan's CG sculpts) for the upcoming science fiction TV show Command Magellan.  I've shown some of my poster art for the series but never any of the alien concept art.

Working primarily with Johan, Duane Bruner and Leigh James we went through many roughs until settling on a design that worked well with the story.  Johan then created  CG renderings based off my drawings and is now bringing the alien to life with CG animation.  Great work Johan. 

 More of Johan's fantastic work can be seen at

This series is based on Fredric Brown's science fiction short story Arena first published in 1944.  

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