Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tree Design

The last couple of months I've been busy drawing and sculpting a tree design to be constructed by Nature Makers in Carlsbad, CA.  Working on interior and exteriors of this massive artificial walk-in oak tree that is proposed to be installed in a children's department.  Here are just a few examples of my designs for this project.  

The enormous tree will stand at 13 ft with a 40 ft canopy.  The tree interior will be about 80 sq. ft accommodating almost 30 kids.  Notice how the tree appears to be busting through the floor and ceiling as if it were taking root in a lower level beneath the children's department.  

I did quite a bit of research on oaks for this project and found that there are over four hundred varieties of oak trees.  Oaks belong to the genus Quercus and members of the beech family.  Oaks consume large amounts of water and mature oaks can absorb more than 50 gallons a day.

Thanks to everyone involved in this exciting project.  

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