Friday, April 6, 2012

Thesis Works Revisited

Lately I've been putting together a digital archive of earlier works and thought I'd take a second and post a few pieces from my earlier thesis series entitled Divine Messengers.  This series was inspired by my graduate studies in Italy.  The work focuses on images of angelic statues found in cemeteries, cathedrals, and city streets of Europe.  Angels are timeless, much like the statues that were created to represent them, and the displaced stone effigies, seemingly weary of the weight of time, exist in an era not their own.  

I utilize sketchbook and photo images that are layered with various media such as pencil, acrylic, Prismacolor, charcoal, ink, solvent transfer, and found papers as a way to reflect the layering of various periods of art, architecture, and religion found throughout much of modern Europe.  My work emphasizes that modern European cities are patchwork tapestries of various layers of assorted art and architectural styles since Ancient, Classical, Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and many other influences are still prominent throughout much of Europe.

I'm putting together a digital archive of earlier works that will be available.  

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