Friday, November 5, 2010

New Works
I've been getting together all new works for an upcoming exhibit this December. Information for that show will be posted next week. Here is a surreal image I'm just finishing. Although it is difficult to see in this photo, this piece I'm working on started out as an old map of London pieced together and mounted to masonite. I then built up using acrylic. The church steeple is from St. Michael's in Charleston, SC. The bells for this church tower were cast in London in 1751 and were stolen by the British at the end of the revolution and returned to England. It finally found its way back to Charleston.

The crows are massive in this image. A bird this size could probably lift a compact car and if you notice there are a bunch of them flying to rejoin the one perched atop the steeple. I've always been a huge fan of films by Alfred Hitchcock so maybe in the back of my mind I was paying an homage to his 1963 film The Birds staring Tippi Hedren.

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