Friday, July 16, 2010

M2 Gallery Exhibit
I'll be exhibiting new work from September 6 - October 11 at the M2 Gallery in Little Rock. The reception will be on September 10 from 6-9.

The passage of time is a major theme in my work. Layering of images is used to help illustrate the ever-changing landscape of life, the planet, and the mind. My images are rendered in various levels of clarity to illustrate haziness and lucidity. Blurriness in my work is used to illustrate faded memory, foggy clairvoyance, and obscure thought. The indication of diagrams, letterforms, and shapes helps bring about the impression of discombobulated images of the past or predictions of the future. Images sometimes repeat throughout the work as reflections or echoes, and horizontal formats encourage the viewer’s eyes to move from left to right, much like a narrative or a time-line.

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